Callisto's Mirror (Numenera)

Interlude 3

With Abrassal dead, the remaining members of the Brotherhood of Solus prepare to follow Tran’s orders and leave the Narthex to go preaching in the towns and villages. Everybody has begun to hear a whispering voice in their mind, which the Brotherhood think is the voice of Solus, a sign that Tran must be the true prophet.

Gautis is recuperating in the shrine chamber. He regains consciousness, recalling a mysterious radiant being speaking to him. Something feels different, particularly the way the machinery around him now appears to his senses, but he is unable to understand what has happened to him. Vanna is in the chamber with him, explaining that she wa on her way back here with Sintar and the Steel Star when she heard the voice of Solus telling her to return, so she ran out of their camp and ran all the way back here, where Solus opened the doors of the Narthex for her and guided her to the Shrine.

Gautis begins to hear the voice again, urging him to come to the being. The Angel shows Gautis a map and some instructions how to do this, including the route to a chamber elsewhere in the Narthex, and the image of figures encased in a stone-like skin walking into the Avatar and disappearing. He hastily makes notes on this and tries to make his way to the chamber but collapses en route.

Vance and Drax have been trying to get the Brotherhood members to collect their things and leave, when one of the cultists, Norrid, says they will need to fetch some scriptures from a storeroom. Drax goes with him, telling Vance they will be back in ten minutes. Half an hour passes and they do not return.

After checking on Gautis, Tran is making his way back to the cultists when Drax appears and says Norrid attacked him and ran off into the dark corridors of the Narthex. They both try to follow Norrid’s trail, and are confronted by Vanna. Drax shoots her with a tranquiliser dart when she appears to be drawing a cypher weapon. Tran destroys the weapon and they continue their search.



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