Callisto's Mirror (Numenera)

Part Four: The Citadel of Radiance

As Tran follows Drax across a room, the floor opens up and he falls into a pit. Drax says he will go and find some rope to get him out, but does not return.

In the Dwelling area, Vance decides to go looking for Drax and Norrid as an hour has now passed, and takes two of the more amicable members of the brotherhood, Fean and Ashlin with him. They find Gautis unconscious, with his notebook clutched in his hand, in which he has scribbled some notes about a “Transformation Chamber”, a map to it, and that he thinks they need to go to this chamber then go to Solus who is in some transcendent realm called “The Citadel of Radiance”.

They put him in Abrassal’s room and leave Savra watching him, then go looking for Norrid. They find Vanna, now awake, and she explains that she was trying to warn Tran about Norrid, who can change his appearance to mimic anybody he has seen. She had an artefact that disrupted his ability which she was trying to use when Norrid (appearing to be Drax) shot her.

Savra comes running to them, saying that Gautis has somehow got out of his restraints when she went out of the room for a couple of minutes, and has now disappeared. They run back to Abrassal’s room to find Dautis still secured in he bed. Savra says she doesn’t understand what happened. They go to the Shrine, but the chamber is empty other than the Angel, which seems to be moving around more frantically than before. Suddenly, the power seems to be cut and the lights go out.

They go to the Transformation chamber, which still seems to have some power. There are a variety of strange devices in this chamber, but before they can investigate, Savra appears again.

Figuring out that this is actually Norrid, they overpower him and tie him up.
When they begin to explore the chamber, large snowflake-like crystalline entities form on two golden tripods near the entrance, which fly towards them and attack.


More of the crystals can be seen forming on the tripods, but they manage to destroy the two existing ones and the tripods before this happens.

Using a Datasphere Tap, Tran discovers that the Narthex is missing a component for its control consoles.

Standing on a dias in the centre of the chamber, Vance is dipped in a pool of liquid by a pair of mechanical arms and emerges encased in a stone-like skin which seems to have protective properties.

The whispering voice urges them to come to him in the “Citadel of Radiance” before time runs out, and claims that the missing control column for the Narthex can be obtained from him. From Gautis’ notes, they decide that in order to find Solus, they all need to be covered in this stone skin then step into the Avatar in the Shrine chamber.

Doing so, they find themselves in a different location, a complex with walls of green synth and metal which seems to be in danger of imminent collapse. Rubble is intermittently falling from the walls and ceiling, sometimes injuring or trapping them. Progressing further into the complex, they discover a long windowed corridor which shows that the complex appears to be floating around the sun.


A dangerous automaton armed with an energy sword attacks them, but is destroyed.


Fean tries to operate the controls for sets of shutters which appear to be designed to protect the complex, but with mixed results as one set seems to be damaged.
The tremors shaking the complex seem to be getting worse as they continue further in and discover a room full of transparent cylinders in which beings of energy seem to be trapped. Using a screen that allows them to communicate with the beings, they discover that one of them is Solus, who is now able to communicate properly with them.

Solus explains that he and his companions were trapped here a very long time ago by the beings who created the complex, but these creatures have long since died, and Solus and his companions have been trapped in the complex ever since, which is now in imminent danger of collapse. He explains to Tran how he can use an artefact in a nearby room to stabilise the complex, repair another device which can release the energy beings and send them far away, and also use to replicate the missing control column for the Narthex.

With the place disintegrating around them, Tran manages to do this. Attempts to scavenge some cyphers from one of the consoles are abandoned when the tremors start to shake the complex again, and they run for the exit back to the Narthex, barely making it through as the complex disintegrates further around them.

Back in the Narthex, the control column seems to get the Narthex’ controls operational but figuring out how to change its route may take time. Fean creates a sword-staff for Vance using the energy sword found on the automaton in the Citadel of Radiance.



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