Itinerant Lattimor Trader


Nethras-Zhen and his family spend most of their time trading to pilgrims on the Wandering Walk, but often venture further afield in search of new items to sell. When not up in the Black Riage mountains, Nethras can often be found in the marketplace in Guran, mostly selling bits of Numenera junk, some of which a skilled craftsman might be able to make into cyphers. He also sells oddities and working Cyphers encased in bubbles which do not count against a character’s Cypher limit until the bubble is broken. Nethras is very cryptic about how the bubbles are created, but will encase a Cypher in one for a fee of 20-30 shins.

To do this, he holds the Cyphers inside a closed wooden box, and cranks a small brass handle on the side of the box with his free hand. After a few seconds he pulls his hand out, revealing a cypher encased in a transparent bubble, just large enough to enclose whatever the object is. The bubbles are flexible, and require firm pressure for several seconds to burst and release the cypher.



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