Drax Alder

A Relic Dealer from Nebalich, on the run from the Yellow Serpent crime syndicate


A black-haired man in his mid-thirties, of medium height and build, Drax is a streetwise, gifted haggler who can talk the hind legs off a snow loper. Although he always gives his profession as “Fletcher” he’s rarely seen making arrows, and always seems to have more spare cash to spend in taverns than most fletchers would expect to see. He is, however, a talented archer, and clearly knows how to use a bow. Tales are told in some of the seedy taverns of Nebalich’s docklands district of the unbelievable shots he sometimes managed in drunken archery contests. He is extremely vague when asked about his past in Thaemor and his reasons for moving to Nebalich, but is a easy-going, amiable man under normal circumstances, although recently an understandable paranoia has put the dampers on the sociable side of his nature.


Originally from Thaemor in the Steadfast, Drax moved to Nebalich some years ago, where he operated a business selling archaeological relics of often dubious legality. Many of these were sold to agents of the Order of Truth in the Steadfast, who found him a useful contact. Recently, Drax has fled from Nebalich in the company of two Nano-Sorcerers; Gautis Aguin Brod and Tran Vahdis, and their bodyguard Vance Cyberdyne after a local crime boss, Kalpa Basavi inexplicably decided to have him killed.

Drax Alder

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