Proprietor of "The Rusted Relic"


A tall, lithe woman with a curved scar down one side of her face, invariably dressed in black, she is the proprietor of The Rusted Relic, a junkyard that buys and sells scrap, including numenera, and is a prime trading place for relic scavengers. Local rumours claim that she is a sorceress, and was once in a position of importance in one of the Nine Kingdoms of the Steadfast.

Some whisper that she remains to the loyal service of her leader and that she works undercover in Guran, her junkyard a ruse for something far more sinister. Others think that she is little more than a broken old woman, as useless and confusing as the junk she hawks.

Her age is difficult to discern, at times she looks quite old and haggard, at others she appears to be a fairly attractive woman in early middle-age. Her moods are similarly variable, sometimes she is aloof and unsociable, at other times she seems very amiable. Her moods do not seem connected with the apparent changes in her appearance.

She has a taste for gin, preferably the expensive “Green Label” stuff imported from Nebalich, and for clove-scented bidis (cigarettes made by wrapping tobacco is a dried leaf, tied with string).

She is known to frequently hire freelance relic scavengers and guards for missions to sites she has acquired leads on, as well as offering money for maps and location info on interesting sites.



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