Leader of the Steel Star


Leader of the “Steel Star” movement, an organisation which has been outlawed by the Nine Kingdoms and branded a dangerous brigand gang. There is a bounty of 800 shins on Sintar, and a smaller bounty of 30 shins on any other proven member of the Steel Star.

Sintar is a fully aware, artificially intelligent automaton who appears to be a smooth-skinned young lady with a prominent nose and jawline and long, straight, hair (which was dark when she was first encountered, but is now white). She wears a utilitarian, loose-fitting jumpsuit with lots of pockets.

Sintar claims to be aided by celestial gods or spirits whom she refers to as “The Lords of Rust and Ash”, but nobody else has ever heard of these deities, other than from Sintar. This is nothing particularly unusual, as the world is littered with minor local deities and their cults. Sintar claims the Lords of Rust and ash will bring a rain of death from the sky upon the evildoers (meaning the aristocracy in general, and the Baron Asdren in particular).

Sintar claims to remember nothing of her origins, and says her earliest memories are of being a slave in the Baron Asdren’s castle, along with several other automatons and many human slaves, some of dubious legality. She thinks the Baron’s sorcerers may have tampered with her brain in a failed attempt to reprogram her and caused her memory loss.
After learning of the existence of a rebel movement from some of the other slaves, she and several others managed to escape form the castle and join up with a rebel gang. Her tactical genius and impressive combat skills resulted in her swiftly rising to become leader of the Steel Star when the previous head was captured and executed by the Baron Asdren’s men.

The Steel Star fragmented after it became known that Sintar was an automaton, with some of the rebels feeling they could no longer trust her, and some even suggesting that she was an agent of the baron’s, programmed to betray them all.
Sintar and a band of loyal followers fled an attack by the baron’s men and became lost on the edge of the Violet Vale, where Sintar was briefly captured, but escaped due to the intervention of a group of explorers looking for the strange plants that grow in the region.

When the group managed to find their way out of the vale, they decided not to turn Sintar in for the reward money, and Vance escorted her to the town of Ingwald, where she hopes to be able to find some of the scattered Steel Star members.

Although appearing to be almost psychotically confused when first encountered, Sintar is rapidly becoming more lucid and thinks the temporal displacement effects of the Violet Vale had been adversely affecting her already damaged neural systems.

She seems able to change features of her physical appearance, and her hair has now become white.



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