Officially designated a city, for no reason that anybody can recall, Guran is in fact a town, and not a particularly large one. Situated at the western end of the Seshar waterways, it is an important link in the trade routes from the Steadfast to Nebalich and further regions of the Beyond.

Guran is famous for two things: taverns that stay open all night and Baubles – small gems of a blue glass-like substance that emit a blue-white glow. The entire town is illuminated by the things, which are entirely worthless, having no useful purpose other than decoration, and being freely available in their millions in the nearby mines, which are now largely disused after the market for Baubles proved so unprofitable that it wasn’t economical to mine them.

Guran is home to several small temples, including some Sarracenians whose priests play a role in the civil administration of the town. A local cult worships the headless statue of a woman located in the central plaza, praising her as the “Great Goddess”, mother of all creation.

The thriving marketplace is a centre for the trade in relics and other bits of numenera scavenged from the many ruins in the Cold Desert to the south.



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