“Callisto’s Mirror” is a monthly Numenera game held in a pub in south London.

The campaign has recently restarted following a break. We are currently open to new players, contact GM for info…..


Notes on Character Creation:

  • Characters can use any of the descriptors and foci from the Core Rulebook, Character Options, or the Ninth World Guidebook except “Travels Through Time”.
  • Cultural Descriptors are allowed (Gaian, Frostborn, etc) but Racial Descriptors are not. All characters must be human – no visitants or other races. Mutants allowed so long as they look reasonably close to human, and preferably can pass for human (bizarre-looking mutants wouldn’t be tolerated in some of the societies likely to be encountered).
  • Extended customisation options (eg: freely swapping points between attribute pools) are not being used.

Callisto's Mirror (Numenera)

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