Callisto's Mirror (Numenera)

Part 8: Beyond the Maelstrom

Having agreed to hand over the Narthex vehicle to the Order of Truth in Qi in return for the removal of the parasite infecing Gautis; Tran, Atompe and Vance set out for the town f Harmuth on the north-west coast of the Nine Kingdoms, seeking a rare substance known as gharalan, the first of two items required for the complex operation to remove the parasite.

After learning the location of the underwater vents severa lmiles out to sea where the substance can be found, they manage to find their way through the mysterious storm that surrounds the area, and gain the help of an explorer from a far off land and her whale-ship.

Diving down to the vents, they find that a strange and frightening creature has set up its nest over them, and seems to be responsible for the storm. They enter the nest in search of the gharalan, but the creature and its servants prove too powerful for them, and they return empty-handed to Harmuth.



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