Jutte is a small village, the home of about 180 people. It’s well off the beaten path. Around the village, herders tend flocks of entelodon (hairy, almost hippo-like hogs), and grow various crops in small quantities and then bring them to the village market to sell. There’s a small lake a few minutes walk from town (over a hill) that provides a fair number of fish to those who venture out in boats or just fish from the shore.

The village leader is an elderly woman named Gralle, but she keeps to her home most of the time as she is ill.

A veteran of many wars, a skilled and hardy glaive named Trummel keeps order and protects the town from outside threats.

The market offers a number of things, mostly fruits, vegetables, and dry goods, although there’s usually someone selling fresh fish. (There isn’t when the PCs arrive, for the reason explained below.) On some market days, there’s even a vendor that sells a miscellany of various spare parts from all kinds of numenera devices. She doesn’t have anything functional, but the back of her cart is a treasure trove to a craftsman or tinkerer.


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